© Pyhrn-Priel Panorama | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Florian Lierzer
Panorama around the Pyhrn-Priel holiday region.

Warscheneck Süd - Frauenkar

Spital am Pyhrn, Oberösterreich, Österreich
The Warscheneck mountain range is a marvellous example of how layer upon layer of limestone deposits in the primordial sea built up the mountains of today's Pre-Alps. Here, nature has proven to be an extremely skilful master builder of a natural area that is protected as part of the Warscheneck Süd nature reserve.

Below the Frauenkar and the Brunnsteinerkar, the Warscheneck encloses a remarkable valley hollow, the Teichlboden. It lies below the rocks like a bowl. Leached by water, scraped by ice age glaciers and refilled by moraines and landslides, today's landscape has been created over an incredibly long period of time. Sealed at the deepest point by impermeable layers of soil, a lake was formed here, which ultimately silted up into a raised bog. Lake Brunnstein with its marshy banks overgrown with tall grasses is a last reminder of the once larger body of water. This is the source of the Teichl, which flows in wild meanders through the Teichlboden and makes its way across the Wurzeralm to the Teichlschwund, where it disappears gurgling into the mountain. The entire area around Warscheneck and Wurzeralm is excellently developed with hiking trails. Particularly recommended for nature explorers is the themed circular hiking trail "2 million years in 2 hours" on the formation of the mountains and today's landscape.

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Warscheneck Süd - Frauenkar
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