Winter fair play in nature

For sustainable cooperation in outdoor sports during the winter months

Show respect for nature and avoid noise.
Start with careful tour planning:

View weather and avalanche reports and act accordingly.

Find out more about the dangers in (alpine) terrain on the websites of the alpine clubs. Inquire in advance about the on-site parking options.

Standard equipment for ski and snowshoe tours in alpine terrain:

Avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe and mobile phone.

Stay on the winter and ski touring routes shown on official maps.

Note: entering and driving on young forest areas up to 3m high is prohibited.

Be especially considerate of wild animals and avoid their feeding grounds.

No disturbance at dusk or at night. Put your dog on a leash.

Bring your rubbish back home in your backpack.
Be considerate of other recreational athletes.

Wonderful, accident-free leisure time experiences for you!