Snow Shoe Hikes

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Enjoy idyllic and untouched winter landscape and take a snow shoe hike through the Pyhrn-Priel Holiday Region!

While the area features nearly 600 km of marked hiking trails during the summer, you can enjoy about 100 km or prepared winter hikes.

With your snow shoes, however, you do not need any prepared hiking trails, as you can simply walk over the untouched snow fields, listening to the soft crunch of the powdery snow, leaving your foot prints to mark your trail – alone or in the company of an experienced mountain guide – marvel in the timeless experience of melting into nature and explore the most beautiful and hidden areas of the Pyhrn-Priel Region, situated at the edge of the Kalkalpen National Park.

Don’t miss this great experience – you will love it!

Suppliers of guided snowshoe hikes:

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Snowshoe tours:

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