© Foto: Pyhrn-Priel Tourismus GmbH/Markus Kohlmayr | Bike & Hike in der Urlaubsregion Pyhrn-Priel.
Zwei Frauen haben ihre Räder bei der Wechselstation Bike & Hike abgestellt und machen sich auf den Weg zu ihrer Wanderung.

Bike & Hike in the Pyhrn-Priel holiday region

... that means a relaxed journey without looking for a parking space and worrying about parking fees. Simply park your bike securely and continue hiking. We'll show you how.

Under the title "Bike and Hike" we have put together unique sporting experiences for you. The journey is easy by train or car to one of the marked parking lots. From there you saddle up your bike and cycle to the starting point of the hike. You can park, lock and, if necessary, charge your bike at the so-called “changing station”, a place specially set up for this purpose. Then the hike begins and we continue on foot. For your physical well-being, we have equipped our Bike & Hike tours with extraordinary culinary temptations, such as rest stops on managed alpine pastures.

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The advantages:

  •      Experience diverse perspectives through different forms of movement
  •      Start your journey relaxed - without fear of not finding a legal parking space
  •      You can enjoy your trip carefree - and leave the issue of parking and parking fees behind you
  •      Less frequented, previously difficult to reach hikes are tempting
  •      Or you leave the car at home and travel sustainably by train
  •      Reserve your rental bike in advance at the regional sports shops

The first changing points (signage, bike racks and e-charging stations) were set up in Spital am Pyhrn and Hinterstoder. The next ones in Windischgarsten will follow as soon as possible.

© Foto Pyhrn Priel Tourismus GmbH/Florian Lierzer: Ein Mann wandert in felsigem Gelände auf den Großen Priel.
Ein Mann wandert in felsigem Gelände auf den Großen Priel, er blickt zum Gipfelkreuz.
Bike & Hike routes
Bike & Hike routes

Twice as good: On our bike & hike routes, you first pedal hard before continuing on foot. Not only can longer distances be covered, but you no longer have to choose between a bike tour and a hike.

Bike & Hike routes
© Foto: Pyhrn-Priel Tourismus GmbH/Markus Kohlmayr | Bike & Hike in der Urlaubsregion Pyhrn-Priel.
Blick auf die Wechselstation Bike & Hike wo bereits Räder stehen.
Changing points
Changing points

This is the end point of your bike tour!

You can charge your e-bike here for free. Use and storage is at your own risk.

Note that cycling behind the marked changing station with rest and parking facilities is prohibited and will be punished accordingly.

Changing points
© E-Bike fahren in der Urlaubsregion Pyhrn-Priel.
Zwei Personen lächeln sich an während sie die Aussicht auf die umliegenden Berge genießen.
Rental partner Bike & Hike
Rental partner Bike & Hike

No bike of your own? No problem!

The local sports retailers in Hinterstoder and Windischgarsten are happy to help you with "wheel and action"!

The best way to book your rental bike is online.

Rental partner
© Photo: Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH | The logo in our nature!
The logo in our nature!

Fair play

Use the exchange station
You can store your bike safely and charge the battery at our changing stations. From here you continue on foot. In this way we preserve the hiking trails and create safety for nature and people.

Respectful to each other
Whether by bike or on foot - in our region we expect respectful coexistence between people, towards nature and animals. You too can help us to maintain this fragile balance. Please note the signs.

Please take care of yourself
Be aware of your limits and do not go on tours that go beyond your ability. A good stop and breaks are an elementary part of our tours.

pastures and huts

The alpine pastures in the Pyhrn-Priel region have a tradition that has lasted for thousands of years and are still run by our farmers, shepherds and dairymaids in the traditional way.
The diversity of the animal and plant world is guaranteed with the alpine pasture management.

You too can enjoy the beautiful landscape with regional alpine delicacies in one of the managed huts!

pastures and huts