Use your Family Card to get the free Pyhrn-Priel Season Card

© Family card Upper Austria
Illustration of the family map of Upper Austria.

Special offer from the Upper Austria Family Card

Families in possession of a family card from the state of Upper Austria receive the Pyhrn-Priel Season Card for all children (born 2017-2008) free of charge if at least one parent buys a Pyhrn-Priel Season Card.

Effective immediately, holders of the Upper Austria Family Card also receive this very special "treat"!

So, pick up your Season Card direct from one of our Pyhrn-Priel information offices, or enjoy the convenience of

ordering it online
© Family offer Pyhrn-Priel Season Card
 Subject with an offer for families for the Pyhrn-Priel Season Card

Save € 31 after just 3 days in the region with the family!

(2 adults & 2 children)

  • Day 1: Hinterstoder or Wurzeralm and a visit to the museum = €99
  • Day 2: Wurbauerkogel with panorama tower = € 54.40
  • Day 3: Visit Ars Electronica Center Linz = € 28

Costs without the Pyhrn-Priel Card: € 181.40
Pyhrn-Priel Season Card costs € 150