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Increasing popularity enjoys fishing in the holiday region Pyhrn-Priel. And the offer is also amazingly diverse. Anyone who has committed to this topic is in good hands with the regional specialists.

The scenic beauty with picturesque lakes and wildly romantic streams and rivers make a fishing trip to these waters an angling experience for the angler. Impressions alongside a true picture book landscape are the excellent water quality and the largely traffic-free location.

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The waters of the holiday region Pyhrn-Priel are assigned to the trout region, the Steyr below the Klauser reservoir is to be described as the upper grayling region. Lead fish in the running waters and in Klauser See is the brown trout; Occasionally one meets rainbow trout and brook trout. Often grayling and Koppen are present, in Lake Klauser also the lake trout and the Arctic char, which was successfully naturalized here. In some waters there is also the opportunity to fish for carp, pike and reindeer. By the way, in the artificial lake also the Edelkrebs finds optimal living conditions, for which there is a project supported since 1999 by the state government and the Landesfischereiverband.

Fishing licenses in Upper Austria require a valid fishing card (photo ID). Official fishing permits from other states or states are recognized. Every angler must be in possession of a license book, which will be reissued for each calendar year. The license book is available at all license issuing offices.

The fisheries in Upper Austria are to be exercised in accordance with the state law, changes and / or restrictions are reserved for the owners of the individual waters. Comprehensive information about the fishery in Upper Austria, legal regulations, fishing waters, up-to-date information etc. can be obtained from the office of Upper Austria. State Fisheries Association.

Upper Austrian. Landesfischereiverband

Stelzhamerstrasse 2
4020 Linz
Tel .: +43 (0) 732 650507
Fax: +43 (0) 732 650507-20

Possibilities for fishing

Pluses beside a true picture book landscape are the excellent water quality and the largely traffic-free location.

The scenic beauty with its picturesque lakes and wildly romantic streams and rivers make the fishing trip in these waters an impressive experience for the angler.

Sankt Pankraz

The Elisabethsee offers the opportunity to exercise some fishing (trout, brook trout, carp, pike, etc. ..). Daily and annual passes are limited on Elisabethsee and the campers on Elisabethsee are preferred. Record catches: HECHT 13.9 kg CARP 19.9 kg

Rosenau am Hengstpaß

In Lamberger pond in Rosenau am also Hengstpaß groups and children may obtain excellent fishing. The Lamberger pond is situated in a beautiful valley, surrounded by mountain forests. The Lamberger pond is about 1.6 hectares. Carp, tench, pike, walleye, catfish and...


At the reservoir Klaus can enjoy the recreational fishing to the fullest. The reservoir Klaus, about 100ha of water surface and 7km in length, is fairy tale between steep conglomerate walls in the upper Steyr valley and brings u.a. Salmonids with sometimes...


The Schafferteich Vorderstoder includes an excellent carp and pike. In excellent water quality thrive in Schafferteich also tench, bream, grass carp, countless small fish and occasionally brown trout, whitefish and walleye. The members of the fishing club...


The Steyr rises in Hinterstoder and has excellent water quality and their tributaries. They can be described as good salmonid (trout). The scenic beauty amidst the panorama of mountains, let the dead stay in this water will be an unforgettable experience. Permitted...


Teichl and Dambach have the best water quality and salmonid apply internationally as the top class. The scenic beauty of the pristine and picturesque gorge is incomparable. The approx. 15 km accessible for angling section of the river is managed by the Austrian...


The Gleinkersee is a special insider tip among fishermen. Since 2017, the Gleinkersee has been dominated by fly fishing. Only two fishing licenses are sold per day (including rowing boat). The Gleinkersee (approx. 15 hectares) is a wonderfully situated pre-alpine...


Fishing for kids in Vorderstoder – fun with the fishing rod! Kids can catch their own fish here! The Schmidi-Ponds are situated close to Vorderstoder within untouched nature. A total of 12 different fish species are found here – trouts, pikes, zander, bass and much...

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