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Kalkalpen National Park Hiking specialists: You and your hiking boots are in good hands here

The hiking specialists are at your side with advice and action. They know the Pyhrn-Priel holiday region like the back of their hand and have some good tips ready if you want to break new ground. Because: where there is a peak, there is a way.

Information that continues

Here is a short foray through the hiking specialists' information library:

  • Regional hiking maps (Pyhrn-Priel holiday region, Totes Gebirge and Kalkalpen National Park) for information
  • Current illustrated book about the Kalkalpen National Park for browsing
  • Reference works on protected animals and plants in Upper Austria to look up
  • Information about the Hinterstoder-Wurzeralm mountain railways, public transport and hiking taxi to get you further

Performances that convince

Specialized in hikers and their needs, the following services are a matter of course for the hiking specialists:

  • Pyhrn-Priel AktivCard with over 60 leisure activities
  • Individual hiking taxi for the outward and/or return journey to your hike
  • Personal, individual hiking advice
  • Rental of hiking rucksacks and hiking sticks to guests of the house
  • Traveling pharmacy for emergencies
  • Thermal breakfast and packed lunches on request
  • Booking of National Park Ranger tours, as well as Book-a-Ranger
  • Placement of hiking, mountain or ski guides
  • Shoe shine in the open air and shoe drying room in the house