© Picnic | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel/Markus Kohlmayer
© Picnic | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel/Markus Kohlmayer
A picnic on a green meadow.

This is what the Pyhrn-Priel holiday region tastes like

stations for pleasure discoverers

Experience real pleasure in the Pyhrn-Priel holiday region! From home-style inns to rustic snack stations, village shops and gourmet restaurants, the region offers culinary delights for every taste. Discover a world of regional, tasty and tasty dishes and dishes, or book your chosen picnic basket and experience your personal, private dinner.

The stone pine fish - A Q signature

Inspired by an old Mühlviertler cooking method, the kitchen crew at Restaurant Q in Windischgarsten rediscovered Swiss stone pine fish. They only use salmon trout that come from fish farmer Werner Mühle and are caught in the "Pießling source".

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From the idea to implementation:

The tinkering with the specially designed stone pine boxes took a particularly long time: First, a prototype was painstakingly made by hand, which is on display in the Q today. A regional carpenter then made the first six boxes, but these soon became too few due to the enormous demand. In order to be able to offer all guests the pleasure of the unique pine fish, the pine boxes are now produced industrially using CNC milling. Incidentally, the “Zirbenfisch Q Signature” has long been a hit on the menu, which is only not offered during the themed weeks.


The salmon trout fillets are gently smoked in the handmade boxes at 200°, giving the fish a delicate pine note. This is served with chive cream potatoes & braised romaine lettuce - refined with horseradish and pumpkin seed oil.

Wine Culinary

Good wine and good food simply belong together, head chef Christoph Schmid and restaurant manager Peter Angerer of Restaurant Q in Windischgarsten are convinced of that. That's why twice a year they invite you to a wine culinary experience with a first-class tasting menu and fine wines from guest winemakers such as Hans Schwarz from Burgenland, Hermenegild Mang from Wachau, Karl Thaller from Styria or Martin Nigl from Lower Austria.

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Matching asparagus, wild garlic and fish, the focus in spring is mainly on young white wines, while in autumn, rich red wines are served with pumpkin, chestnuts, game and duck.

The next wine culinary event will take place on April 30th under the motto "Spring Fever". Hannes Sabathi from Gamlitz is popular as a guest winemaker.

Hofkäserei Frech

The sheep at Hofkäserei Frech go on holiday 365 days a year. Her new light-flooded barn with a view of the beautiful mountain panorama means pure wellness for her!

Animal welfare is the top priority for Sandra Oberhauser and Reinhold Frech, because if the sheep are doing well, then they are doing well too. Of course, this is also reflected in the excellent milk quality. The organic products from the Hofkäserei Frech are lovingly made by hand and are made from 100% pasteurized organic sheep's milk. Its creamy and full-bodied taste is simply unforgettable. In addition to yoghurt and cream cheese, the product range of Hofkäserei Frech also includes Cambembert and yoghurt balls in oil.

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The organic sheep's milk products are available in the village shops Vorderstoder & Spital am Pyhrn, Adeg Edtbauer Spital am Pyhrn, Adeg Pachleitner and at Christine's Bio-Eck at the Südbahnhofmarkt in Linz.

© Hofkäserei Frech | Photo: Sandra and Reinhold Frech
A platter of different cheeses.
Hofkäserei Frech


Alexander's passion for distillation gave rise to the idea of a self-distilled gin. Of course, like many who distill gin, he could say the following sentences:

"No gin was to my taste that's why I want to create my own!"
"I didn't want the next industrial gin!"

The gin from Alexander should be playful & honest and still have a hint of the Alps in it. It is gently and slowly distilled in small quantities in our traditional copper still and then bottled and labeled by hand.

Pumpkin farm Seidl

The Wieser / Rebhandl family has had a wide variety of edible and decorative pumpkins at the Seidl family's pumpkin farm since 2015. By chance, Bettina came across the pumpkin during her master craftsman training (Ländlches operational and household management) and made it her project topic. Since then it has been called "learning by doing". Basic knowledge was acquired through project work and expanded year after year through valuable experience.

We do not use any sprays or other aids! We use ducks instead of slug pellets and the weeds are weeded by hand. Only when there is enough sun and rain can we look forward to great pumpkins in autumn. Every single work step is carried out personally by us ... from sowing to harvest!

Spital am Pyhrn village shop

The rural village shop in Spital am Pyhrn offers regional products from near-natural agriculture! A farming association has been running the small but fine shop in the center of Spital am Pyhrn since 1997. In the shop you will find a colorful range of natural and organic foods, such as seasonal vegetables, cheese, eggs, bacon, sheep cheese, curd cheese and home-baked bread. Various teas, juices and schnapps are available.

The specialty: Most of the products come from farmers in Spital am Pyhrn and the surrounding area. The village shop is valued by many regular customers, but tourists who value natural products also buy from local suppliers in Spital.

Villa Sonnwend National Park Lodge

"No pleasure is temporary, because the impression it leaves is lasting."

It is our pleasure to spoil you with our regional culinary delights.

We serve fresh delicacies with food from the region, mostly organic and from the neighboring, family-related agriculture.


Sandra and Wolfgang Mayr run the Brunlitzerhof in Roßleithen together with their family and employees.

Happy free-range chickens are kept on their farm, and their valuable manure is used as the raw material for the natural fertilizer "Pello Plant". At the Brunlitzerhof there are not only lots of chickens and a lot of natural fertilizers but also some culinary delicacies. In the production of all products, they attach great importance to regionality, freshness, sustainability and resource conservation.

Alpine caviar Helmut Schlader

“Taste the moment” is Helmut Schlader's motto for his alpine caviar, which is harvested by hand and processed with a mild salt. The sturgeons swim on the edge of the Kalkalpen National Park. Crystal clear limestone alpine water from our own source and the knowledge of nature and animals ensure the best rearing conditions.

"For me it is important to manufacture an Austrian product," emphasizes Helmut Schlader. "This includes the highest quality and freshness."

Trattenbacher GenussStub’n

The Trattenbacher GenussStub'n at 900m above sea level, framed by the Großer Pyhrgas and Bosruck, is a small, fine snack station with regional, seasonal and warm cuisine. Young hostess Katharina Sulzbacher's passion for PLEASURE cuisine is reflected in the creative and lovingly prepared dishes and snack variations. Not only the food enchants the guests but also the hospitality of the entire team. In addition, the cozy ambience in the Jägerstüberl or on the covered panoramic sun terrace invites you to enjoy and linger.

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The location of the Pyhrn-Priel holiday region on a map of Austria.