© Parking guidance system Hinterstoder | Photo: Hinterstoder municipality
 The von Hnterstoder parking guidance system is shown on a board.

Parking & Mobility in Hinterstoder

Everything you need to know.

Parking in Hinterstoder is with a few exceptions fee - a valid ticket is also ticket for the valley bus, which connects the village with Polsterlucke, Dietlgut and Baumschlagerreith in time.

Free parking & change to the valley bus

For all those arriving by their own car, the cable car car park is available at the entrance to our village. These parking areas can be used free of charge, from here the valley bus Hinterstoder (line 432) starts in the hiking season, which connects the village with the hiking areas in the Polsterlucke, in the Dietlgut and up to the Baumschlagerreith in time.


Parking overview

Parking fees

  • up to 6 hours € 6
  • up to 24 hours € 9
  • 7-day parking ticket € 18
  • Annual parking ticket € 35

The annual parking ticket entitles to parking with details of up to two license plates and is only available at the tourist office Hinterstoder.

How are the parking fees to be paid?

Parking fees up to an amount of € 18...

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... are to be paid at the parking ticket machine. Attention: The machine gives no change! Card payment is possible!

The annual parking tickets are available in the tourist office Hinterstoder, stating up to two car license plates.

Please put your parking ticket well visible behind the windscreen.

Short-term parking zone in the village center
In the entire village center applies a short-term parking zone, in which the parking duration is limited to 90 minutes.

Paid parking from the village center into the valley
Three parking spaces are available to our guests from the village center in the valley, which are located at the entry points to the hiking trail network or into the Rundwanderwelt Hinterstoder and are equipped with information points on hiking. The use of these three parking spaces is chargeable.

  • Parking "Hösshalle"
  • Parking lot "Schiederweiher"
  • Parking lot "Polsterlucke"
  • Parking "Bärenalm"


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The Baumschlagerreith car park is a private property for which parking fees are also charged. The parking ticket of the community has NO VALIDITY there!

What are the revenues used for?

The income from the parking fees will be used to maintain the extensive leisure infrastructure and to provide environmentally friendly mobility services. This benefits guests, locals and our nature.