Company details

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1. Owner and Publisher

Pyhrn-Priel Tourismus GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 2
A-4580 Windischgarsten
Tel .: +43 7562 5266
Fax: +43 7562 5266-10
Company registration number: FN216132t
UID-Nr .: ATU52869702
Regional Court: Steyr

2. Purpose of the Company

The overall promotion of tourism and leisure industry in the Pyhrn-Priel region, in particular the tourism marketing, tourism development, the training and development of employees in the tourism organizations and other tourism and leisure industry serving measures.

3. Basic direction

The sites listed above is independent information and presentation media with reservation tools to support and promote the field of activity described above.

4. Content design and technical responsibility

TTG Tourismus GmbH
Freistädter Straße 119

A-4041 Linz
Tel .: +43 732 7277-300

5. Graphic work and design

OrtnerSchinko OG
Landstrasse 34, 4020 Linz

Fredmansky GmbH
Hauptstrasse 58, 4040 Linz

6. Disclaimer

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