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The Perlen-the-Alps partner companies in Hinterstoder bring gentle mobility to our guests.

The stable backbone for all efforts in Hinterstoder to bring gentle mobility closer to our guests is formed by the Pearl-of-the-Alps partner companies of the first hour. Without them, there would be no idea of enjoyable holidays with train, bus, bicycle, carriages and many other means of transport.

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All listed companies support this eco-friendly way for the travel of tomorrow, partly contribute to the concrete implementation of mobility projects and give you as a guest valuable mobility tips that make your holiday even more relaxed. They offer services such as rental mountain bikes, pick-up services, excursion tips with public transport or, for example, give you an introduction to the public transport system of the Stodertal. In this way, you can quickly access the entire range of mobility services.

"Through the Redn come d'Leit z'samm" - this motto also applies to the theme of gentle mobility on holiday. Who knows nothing, drives by car. If you know something, you do not need to worry about getting back to the car at the end of a long hike, because the hiking taxi is already waiting for you, you can explore hidden corners in the valley with your own bicycles or glide through the snowy upholstery sledge with your sleigh.

The Pearl of the Alps partners will help you to discover this equally exciting and eco-friendly way of vacationing. Maybe you too in the future share our enthusiasm for this important future topic

The valley bus Hinterstoder connects the village center with all hiking trail entry points. Polsterlucke, Dietlgut, Baumschlagerreith are in soft traffic and easy to reach.

Valleys bus

Parking in Hinterstoder is subject to a fee with a few exceptions.
A valid parking ticket is also a ticket for the valley bus.

Parking & Mobility

Arrive comfortably and stress-free by train - then bus transfer directly to the Stodertal, that is the kind of journey, as the member villages of the "Alpine Pearls" offer their guests.

Gentlemobile arrival

"Those who love their toboggans, the pulls." All those who do not see the tobogganing fun in such a traditional way, can increase the number of their fast sleigh rides in the valley with the toboggan taxi.

Toboggan Shuttle

The ski bus in Hinterstoder is the most convenient connection between the hotel and the Hinterstoder Bergbahnen - practical, well thought-out and environmentally friendly.

ski bus