Valley bus Hinterstoder

Mobility service for hikers

The valley bus Hinterstoder connects the village center with all hiking trail entry points. Polsterlucke, Dietlgut, Baumschlagerreith are in soft traffic and easy to reach.

The "Tälerbus Hinterstoder" has created an attractive mobility service for walkers, hikers, families, athletes and seniors. The valley bus runs in time and directs from the village center in the valley all hiking trails directly to.

Let yourself be driven by the tälerbus.hinterstoder into the upholstery hatch, to the Dietlgut or Baumschlagerreith.

The upholstery gap locked for private traffic is approached directly with the newly created stop "Polsterstüberl". Through the valley bus Hinterstoder arise completely new forms of hiking experience. If you had to pay attention during a hike to get back to the starting point, you can now, for example, take a walk from the Polsterlucke to the Dietlgut and cover the way back with the Tälerbus Hinterstoder.

To experience more of the Stodertal: Hiking and valley bus ride.

The timetable is coordinated with the buses coming from Hinterstoder station or buses from the region. Conversion node is the cable car parking at the entrance to the village.

Starting from the village center - use Tälerbus Hinterstoder into the valley

If you travel by bus or use the free parking at the cable car parking lot, you can use the Tälerbus Hinterstoder in the direction of Polsterlucke or Baumschlagerreith from the Freizeitpark/Pachleitner stop.