© [Translate to Englisch:] Blick auf Hinterstoder - Foto: TVB Pyhrn-Priel/Sulzbacher
[Translate to Englisch:] Blick auf Hinterstoder - Foto: TVB Pyhrn-Priel/Sulzbacher

Culture and local life

In the 19th century the Stodertal was described as the "most beautiful eastern alpine valley", the imposing Spitzmauer even as the Austrian Matterhorn. But what is the fascination of this alpine valley in the south of Upper Austria surrounded by the mountain giants of the Dead Mountains?

We Stoderer appreciate our valley, that it is wide and flat on its entire length - so there is enough space for lush meadows on the valley floor and seemingly never-ending walks without large differences in height. Our valley is lovely and varied, because it is characterized by agriculture - meadows and fields alternate with streams and forests - and on the mountains are our alpine pastures.

We look up awesome to our mountains, which rise from the valley floor more or less steeply about 2,000 meters in the air. But we also like to look down from the Großer Priel (2,514 m) into our green valley and over the endless rocky expanse of the Dead Mountains. Almost everyone has their favorite places in the valley or on the mountain, some even give it up.

(Village) pure culture

The remoteness of the Stodertal has always served artists as a retreat in which they could gather or work in peace. Literature, sculpture, painting and music flourish magnificently between the mountains of the Totes Gebirge. The list of those who lingered and lingered in this place is a long one - mention should briefly be made of the painters Edward Theodore Compton, Herbert Boeckel and Thomas Bredenfeld, the sculptor Theo Blaickner, the entertainer Peter Alexander, the cabaret artists Maxi Böhm and Bernhard Ludwig , the opera singer Hilde Zadek, the actor Heribert Sasse, but also the writer Brita Steinwendtner and the architecture journalist Friedrich Achleitner.

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Changing exhibition in the Alpineum, theater evenings and jazz concerts in the contribute to cultural diversity. The countless concerts and performances of the Stoderer traditional music band, the theater group or the concerts of our exceptional talent Alois Mühlbacher, who has been performing with the Florianer Sängerknaben in his hometown Hinterstoder since the beginning of his career, are indispensable in the cultural life.

Here again and again new things are tried out and made sure that over the year the cultural enjoyment does not end.