© Horse-drawn carriage ride | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Daniel Hinterramskogler
A fully occupied horse-drawn carriage on a street in front of the pointed wall.

Horse carriage trips Upper Austria

Sculping through the countryside ...

Warmly dressed or wrapped in fluffy blankets, horse-drawn sleigh rides with a harmonious horse-drawn carriage ride through the dreamy winter landscape.

What could be more romantic than to be glide warmly with a fluffy blanket on a horse-drawn carriage through the dreamy winter landscape, these are horse-drawn sleigh rides.

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Beautifully decorated Haflinger, noble Thoroughbreds and Shirehorses, romantic romantics pass by at the foot of majestic mountains and breathtaking views and invite you to relax on horseback rides. The idyll of the holiday region of Pyhrn-Priel can be experienced not less intensively in this way, as during cross-country skiing or winter hiking - in a very relaxing and dreamy way.