© Riding in Pyhrn-Priel | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Andreas Röbl
Two ladies on a horse and a horse alone with the large and small Pyhrgas in the background.

On the way to 4 hooves - riding

From trail riding to a horse-drawn carriage ride - there's plenty to do on horseback ...

The holiday region Pyhrn-Priel has a lot to offer for horse lovers! Marked riding trails in the Kalkalpen National Park and many idyllic riding trails in the valley and on gentle alpine slopes invite you to explore high on horseback.

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For example, one-day or multi-day rides where everything from half-board accommodation, lunches and drinks to a rental horse, the hiking trail badge, luggage transfer and, of course, a hiking guide are organized.

Those who are not yet so sad, can solidify their skills in one of the numerous courses - whether pony riding, lunging or Western riding. Well-trained guides and instructors are available to both beginners and advanced skiers with their knowledge and the necessary empathy. By the way, children from the age of four can already playfully learn how to deal with horses on the basis of riding pedagogical lessons. Romantic hearts, however, beat higher on an idyllic horse-drawn carriage ride.

From mini-ponies over Haflinger, Shirehorses, Connemaras, Hutsuls and colorful western horses to noble thoroughbreds, the wide range of regional breeds extends. Riding stables and equestrian-friendly businesses offer accommodation and meals for horse and rider. Also some huts have prepared for riding guests. Those who prefer a bit of adventure in the wilderness can stay overnight on specially adapted outdoor bivouac sites - campfire romance included.

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