A look back at the ski event of the year in Upper Austria. The Hinterstoder World Cup is history. But we won't forget him that quickly. Even less when you see these wonderful pictures from the Pyhrn-Priel holiday region!
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This video shows the final work for the AUDI FIS Ski World Cup in Hinterstoder.
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Here you can watch the final work for the AUDI FIS Ski World Cup in Hinterstoder.
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In addition to the sporting highlight in 2020 at the Hinterstoder World Cup, the wonderful World Cup location in the Pyhrn-Priel holiday region has many other highlights to offer that are worth exploring.
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They want to go where Vincent Kriechmayr and Elisabeth Reisinger are already today. On the FIS Alpine World Cup Tour. We looked over the shoulders of the Upper Austrian youngsters during their daily training sessions. They are also the ones who will actively support us at the Hinterstoder World Cup as expert piste sliders.
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In 50 days the first runner will go through the starting gate at the @Weltcup Hinterstoder. We look forward to your visit!
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