Weltcuppresenter - Ambassadors for the Heimweltcup Hinterstoder 2020

They are a special feature of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup competitions in Hinterstoder 2020. The so-called World Cup Presenters. Six young ladies and gentlemen from the region who will not only take care of the ski stars during the race weekend. They present the Pyhrn-Priel region, are question and answer and help the guests to get through the World Cup weekend well and safely.

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For the three ladies and three men, the tingling in the stomach really started at the end of November. After the first fitting in September, the day of their dressing arrived. To meet the task of the presenter, of course, a matching costume outfit required. Not only does it provide for the sextet's regional model look, it also reflects the warmth of the major sporting event. With the support of the two Windischgarst fashion houses, Trachten Peter and Mode Hofbaur, the OK dressed the ladies and gentlemen. "Fesch sand's" was there to hear again and again and they feel extremely comfortable in the new work clothes.

They were selected as part of this year's international Lederhosentreffens in Windischgarsten. This was preceded by an application and selection from which Judith Lengauer, Magdalena Rieser, Melanie Gsöllhofer, Lucas Capellari, Philipp Hillbrand and Thomas Bamminger emerged.