FIS route ascent on the Hannes Trinkl World Cup route

With the race directors of the International Ski Federation FIS, the responsible of the ÖSV and the ORF as well as members of the OK Hinterstoder, the route inspection took place at the beginning of September.


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ORF director Michael Kögler determined the camera positions along the route and discussed how the racers are optimally staged. FIS race director Markus Waldner provided suggestions for the start times of the two races, which now have to be confirmed by the International Ski Federation. In the course of the ascent of the Hannes Trinkl World Cup track, the safety devices, such as safety nets and their mounting devices, were subjected to expert control. Namesake of the World Cup track Hannes Trinkl is looking forward to the home race at the end of February, although for him the tension at home seems almost higher: "When the races take place in Hinterstoder, I demand from me, as everywhere else, that everything fits perfectly. The spectators also demand that. Of course, all the friends and acquaintances that will be there will assume that the track and track will be in optimal condition because of my responsibility, regardless of possible rainfall or difficult temperatures, which often makes it emotionally stressful for two me, "says the FIS race director for the speed disciplines of the Alpine Men.