History of Roßleithen

Roßleithen lies at an altitude of 588 m in the Traunviertel. The extent is from north to south 14.7 km and from west to east 11.1 km. The total area is 67.5 km ². 61,% of the area is wooded, 20.4% of the area is used for agriculture.

Originally located in the eastern part of the Duchy of Bavaria, Roßleithen belonged to the Duchy of Austria since the 12th century. Since 1490 the place is attributed to the principality 'Austria ob der Enns'. During the Napoleonic Wars he was occupied several times. Since 1918, the place belongs to the state of Upper Austria. After the annexation of Austria to the German Reich on March 13, 1938 Roßleithen belonged to the "Gau Oberdonau". After 1945 the restoration of Upper Austria took place.

Roßleithen has the following districts: Roßleithen, Pichl, Pießling, Rading, Mayrwinkl and Schweizersberg.