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Costumes-band Hinterstoder

Hinterstoder, Oberösterreich, Österreich

Welcome to the costumes-band Hinterstoder!

1879 merged some music-loving citizens from Hinterstoder and founded the Musikverein Hinterstoder. Unfortunately, the records from the founding period have fallen into loss over the years. Mr. Rudolf Kletzmair worked as a musician since 1895 and from 1909 to 1921 bandmaster. From 1921 to 1935, Mr. Gottfried Hackl, vulgo. Granawettgütler, conductor and Mr. Herzog Ignaz vulgo. Grave hut, his deputy. In 1949, conductor Arnold Antensteiner the musical director for over 25 active musicians. On 14 August 1949 was celebrated the 70th anniversary celebration of the founding leadership of Chairman Francis Pachleitner. As of 1950, the band began a critical time with strife, discontent and rebellion. This period was 7 December 1952 with a perfect resolution of the chapel by the General Assembly to an end. In the new election immediately the musical director Josef Hackl was transferred. 1955 threatened once the disintegration of the chapel and it was on 24 June 1956 Mr. Arnold Antensteiner entrusted with the direction of the band for the second time. On 7 December 1958 broke up the band and the music club has been reported as dormant. The community Hinterstoder kept the club treasury and inventory. At the request of the Municipal Council on 11th June 1961 reconstituted the band. The management of the Association as chairman on forester, Mr. Hans These riders and conductor again was Mr. Arnold Antensteiner. In 1962, the band has been equipped with new instruments. On 24 May 1964 laid conductor Arnold Antensteiner back office and his successor, Chief Forester Ludwig Herzog was elected unanimously. Conductor Duke succeeded to strengthen the shattered since 1949, local music and bring it to a level of performance brought the reputation and respect. In 1967, new clothes every 24 musicians. Professor Lipp Upper Heimatwerk has designed the costumes and since then the club is run as Trachtenmusikkapelle Hinterstoder. 1974 was started on the initiative of the Treasurer Horst Hackl planning a club house, which was completed in the summer of 1978. 1979, the bandstand was passed in its destination and 3 to 5 August 1979 was celebrated the 100 year anniversary with an extensive festival program. In March 1984, put Kapellmeister Ludwig Herzog after various disagreements his office back and left the Trachtenmusikkapelle after 20 successful years as Kapellmeister. Unfortunately, at that time also left numerous musical comrades the club. After detailed discussions with Mr Josef Hackl, who served as Kapellmeister already in the 50s, he took over the musical direction of the brass band. Sepp Hackl can easily be called the savior of Trachtenmusikkapelle Hinterstoder, because without his dedication and his iron will, the band would probably stood once again before its dissolution. At the annual meeting in 1985 Koscharek Werner was elected chairman. In the fall of 1987, Mr. Josef Hackl had to withdraw for health reasons as conductor of his activity. In the spring of 1988 succeeded Koscharek chairman and former club treasurer Hubert Joseph Tretter Sulzbacher eventually move to take over the bandmaster activity in Hinterstoder. In 1990 a complete new clothes with the same costume which consists from in 1967. Furthermore, in the summer of 1990, the first Bläserklang cloud held on Schiederweiher in Polsterlucke. This launched by Kapellmeister Sepp Tretter event remains one of the musical highlights in Upper Austria. In 2004, conductor Joseph Tretter his position as Kapellmeister back. The official handover to his successor Manfred Tragler took place during the gala concert "125 Years Trachtenmusikkapelle Hinterstoder" on 11/12/2004 in Hösshalle. In recognition of his successful career as a conductor was Joseph Tretter of the community Hinterstoder awarded the Badge of Honour in Gold and the Trachtenmusikkapelle he was appointed Honorary Conductor. At the annual meeting, 2007, Mr. Henry Pernkopf takes over the function of the chairman of Werner Koscharek, who remains loyal to us as an active musician and speaker at our events. In autumn 2008, the new building of the club house for the mountain rescue and Trachtenmusikkapelle Hinterstoder is fixed. The existing club house will be demolished and a modern building erected on the same site. At this point again, a thank you to the province of Upper Austria, the community Hintestoder with music comrades Mayor Helmut Wallner, especially to Mrs. Gov. Christine Neulinger which has made during the construction period, a classroom of elementary school as sample local available and the population of Hinterstoder for the benevolent assistance. On Friday 3rd October 2008, the youth band the "Stoderer Fawn" under the direction of Youth Officer Stefanie Tragler is launched. On 28 May 2011 was the grand opening of the new "House of Clubs" by LH Governor Josef. At the Annual General Meeting on 11 March 2012 was unanimously re-elected chairman Henry Pernkopf. The musical direction is in the capable hands of conductor Manfred Tragler. On 22 April 2012 turned the youth band "Stoderer Fawn" as the first youth orchestra in the district of Kirchdorf the adjudicators when rating the game OÖBV in Windischgarsten. The young musician / inside from behind and reached Vorderstoder led by Stefanie Tragler an excellent success with 90.25 points.

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Drive through the village of Hinterstoder, directly after the church on the left, turn right before the municipal office and after about 200 metres you will find the Hinterstoder House of Associations on the right.

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Costumes-band Hinterstoder
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Trachtenmusikkapelle Hinterstoder
Prielerweg 2
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Phone +43 664 5886396

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