© Skispaß in Pyhrn-Priel - Foto: OÖ Tourismus/Lugmayr
Skispaß in Pyhrn-Priel - Foto: OÖ Tourismus/Lugmayr

Mountain Rescue Windischgarsten

Windischgarsten, Oberösterreich, Österreich

Mountaineering - risks and dangers We certainly do not people go to the mountains to risking our life - we seek happiness, and in this quest we often forget the laws of nature, and thus fall into dangerous situations. With proper behavior we can escape the danger again. How many times in life are the right and the wrong decision very close to each other. Instinct and evaluation assets are the best advisers. Skiing accidents are not destiny! The mountains themselves are not dangerous, only when we go with our human inability lost instincts and misplaced ambition to work, danger threatens. Not only "beginner" even the most experienced climbers make mistakes, to err is just human. alpine dangers Avalanches, rock fall, fall weather, lightning, crevasses, cornices break, ... causes of accidents Overconfidence, false risk assessment, risk of incorrect behavior, poor physical fitness, group dynamics, faulty equipment, material failure caused by operator error, incorrect ambition ... The best equipment is useless if you do not deal with it properly! prevention Correct behavior, risk awareness and you have to learn, because only when one is aware of a risk, you can go out of their way mostly. Mountaineering can not be learned from books, to gain experience in the company or under the direction of better trained mountaineers and mountain guides. Estimate from the beginning to take personal responsibility, self-situations, trying prudently, and not to move in the blind trust on others in alpine terrain.

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The office of the mountain rescue service is not staffed.

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Mountain Rescue Windischgarsten
Salzastraße 20
4580 Windischgarsten

Phone +43 676 5524473

Contact person
Thomas Riesenhuber
Bergrettungsdienst Ortsstelle Windischgarsten
Salzastraße 20
4580 Windischgarsten

Phone +43 676 5524473

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