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FRANZI - Your digital leisure companion

Always there - always up to date.

Planning your leisure time has never been so easy.

FRANZI provides individual information about excursion destinations, events, open restaurants, tips, offers, tour suggestions and much more in the region. And all this for the booked period and tailored to previously defined interests, preferences and priorities.

With FRANZI, you have all the information and tips for your leisure planning at your fingertips around the clock. The web app is free of charge and invites you to browse, discover and plan on your smartphone, tablet or PC, regardless of the device.

Request login

To get the FRANZI WebApp on your smartphone, simply go to Request login.

Enter your details there. You will then receive a welcome e-mail within a few minutes. Using the link in the e-mail, all you have to do is set a password and you're already in FRANZI and can enjoy all the benefits.

You can find the digital Pyhrn-Priel SaisonCard in the FRANZI WebApp under the menu item Pyhrn-Priel SaisonCard.

If your e-mail address was entered when purchasing or ordering the Pyhrn-Priel SeasonCard, the card will also be available in your FRANZI once it has been issued (unless you have ordered an ExpressCard, in which case it will be available immediately).

If nothing appears after clicking on "Activate card(s)", the card has not yet been printed or no e-mail address has been entered or a different e-mail address has been entered. To change or create the e-mail address, click on Assign card.

If no card is available in FRANZI under Pyhrn-Priel SaisonCard even after clicking on "Activate card(s)", this is due to one of the following reasons:

  • The card has not yet been printed.
    The card is only available in FRANZI once it has been printed by Pyhrn-Priel Tourismus GmbH. If you have ordered an ExpressCard, it will be printed and available immediately.
  • No or a different e-mail address was entered when purchasing.
    To change or create the e-mail address, go to Assign card.

Have you lost the link to log in to FRANZI? 
No problem, simply enter your details again on LOGIN, and you will have FRANZI with you again. 

If you can no longer log in to FRANZI because you have forgotten your password, go to the login page and select the menu item Forgotten password. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive an e-mail within a few minutes. You can then use the link in the e-mail to set a new password and then use FRANZI again.

A photo or screenshot of the Pyhrn-Priel SaisonCard is not permitted. The card must be available in physical form or must be opened via the FRANZI WebApp. There is a green bar for counterfeit protection.

  • FRANZI is not a normal app: you don't have to download anything to your smartphone.
  • FRANZI is a "progressive web app" - just like a website, but with all the functions of an app - the content is also available offline!
  • Use the watch list to select your favourites and plan your trip perfectly.
  • You can even plan the entire summer and simply add activities to your personal planner in the leisure companion.

Simply add the FRANZI web app as an icon to your home screen and FRANZI will always be at your fingertips!

FRANZI informs about:

  • Events
  • Open restaurants and where to find them
  • Routes & tours for many sports
  • Sports & leisure activities
  • Weather & Webcams
  • Wellness & Health
  • Places of interest
  • Mobility & Traffic
  • General Infrastructure
  • Pyhrn-Priel Cards
  • Activity planner and a watch list, where you can save everything you are interested in!
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