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AUDI FIS Ski Weltcup Hinterstoder 2020

1st World Cup in Hinterstoder (1986)

21.12.1986 - Bittner wins at Premiere

"Hinterstoder has brilliantly passed the World Cup premiere. Unanimous tenor of the active: We will gladly come back. "The TAGBLATT comment from December 22, 1986 is actually hardly anything to add.
After years of preparation, it was on 21 December 1986 so far. For the first time on the Bärenalm the premier class of Alpine skiing, the World Cup, should be a guest. It was a hoped-for ski festival, which also named Armin Bittner the "desired" winner. Wanted of course from a tourist point of view. At the time, Germany was the number one target market in the region and overnight Hinterstoder became world-famous with Bittner's victory. That the young German with start number 22 won also proved the outstanding piste quality of this premiere World Cup. Under the leadership of chairman Rudi Rohegger, the ski-slope manager Helmut Mayr was largely responsible for the perfect route. For the first time, 12,000 visitors experienced World Cup flair on Upper Austrian soil and the starting signal for a racing event in Hinterstoder that continues to this day.

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Detail on the edge: The budget was then 2 million schillings (the equivalent of about 145,000 euros.) The race 2011 should 25 years later, a total budget of just under one million euros identify!

1. Armin BITTNER GER 1:50:14
2. Bojan KRIZAJ JUG 1:50:94
3. Oswald TÖTSCH ITA 1:51:10
7. Dietmar KÖHLBICHLER AUT 1:52:16