Stations of the outdoor scavenger hunt

Each station presents a special task for the players. Whoever proves the ability and finds the solution, gets to the next station.

Only those who solve 7 tasks (all of them, with the exception of the voluntary Gifpfelsturm to Hutberg) have successfully completed the paper chase.


So nimmst Du am Bewerb Teil:

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Die Schnitzeljagd kann mit dem Wildererweg-Folder (Spielplan) gespielt werden.

1. Courage & strength

Get an insight into the boxes!

You will find wooden boxes spread out in the flat forest. If you look through its color-framed opening, you can see numbers. These numbers are to be entered in the fields of the same color on the board. They form the solution code for the first task.

But be careful, you won't get to the boxes that easily. Courage and strength are required here. Can you also get the number in the highest box?

For parents: if necessary, help your child find the boxes. Secure your child while climbing and prevent daring actions. Check the functionality of the devices. You use them at your own risk. Let your child feel the challenge without putting them at too high a risk.

© Courage and strength on the Poacher Trail | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Daniel Hinterramskogler
Forest with elements for courage and strength on the Pyhrn-Priel Poacher Trail.

2. Orientation

Find the hidden rabbits ...

You will find little rabbits hidden in the forest. They mark landmarks. If you stand over them and look around, you can see numbers on the trees. Bend over, stretch, turn in a circle, some are small and very close, others huge and distant.

Each rabbit is marked with a color code. This defines the color of the field in the app / on the folder in which the number is to be entered. Four numbers give the solution code for the second task.

One number per color field is enough, but don't make it easy for yourself. If there is more than one solution, take the one that was harder to find.

© Orientation on the Poacher Trail | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Daniel Hinterramskogler
Children play on the forest floor on the Pyhrn-Priel poaching trail.

3. Sensitivity

Feel the objects!

There is a sensor box at the edge of the forest. Objects are depicted on a sign in a colored field. You can feel these objects in the numbered holes in the feeler box.

Once you have found the object, enter the number of the hole in the corresponding colored field on the game board. Together the numbers make up the solution code for the third task.

Prove intuition! Carefully approach the objects. They can be surprising or confusing. Get an overview. If there are several numbers for a field, enter the more difficult solution.

© Poaching trail family | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Daniel Hinterramskogler
A family is a Wildererweg family at the station for intuition.

4. Vision

Find the animals in the woods and fields ...

There is a lookout a little off the path. From here you can see the forest and field with binoculars.

If you look closely you will find:

  • brown owl
  • Badger
  • marten
  • Fox
  • Chamois
  • woodpecker
  • Wood grouse
  • squirrel
  • brown bear
  • Red deer

as shown on a sign at the station. The color of the field on the sign together with the number on the animal in the forest result in the solution code for the game board.

Make an effort, because only those who find the small animals and solve difficult tasks can demonstrate foresight.

© Far-sightedness on the Wildererweg | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Daniel Hinterramskogler
Far-reaching view of the forest with a metal wild animal on the Pyhrn-Priel poacher's path.

5. Acumen

Recognize the tracks on the forest floor!

Various animals have left traces in the nearby forest. Find the tracks and assign them to an animal on the sign on the side of the path.

The number next to the tracks - together with the color of the correct animal on the sign - result in the solution code for the fifth task on the game board.

Acuteness is required and here, as everywhere, it is good not to look for the simplest solutions.

© Poaching trail family | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Daniel Hinterramskogler
A family on the Wildererweg Family kneels on the ground and tests their acumen.

6. Perseverance

Climb the summit ...

The steep path takes you to the Hutberg. This task is voluntary, but mandatory for the best.

Game plan users can find the number of answers for the sixth task.

Enjoy the view and then get off slowly and safely.

For parents: the path to the Hutberg is steep, but well secured. The climb takes about 20 minutes. Please accompany your children, set their pace and point out the dangers. The timing only affects the ascent and not the descent. Enjoy the view, take your time!

© Hutberg poachers' trail | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Daniel Hinterramskogler
A father with his son running in the forest on the Hutberg poachers' trail.

7. Marksmanship

Shoot the flaps!

The shooting range is in the hollow under the path. Tighten the rubber of the slingshot! Put a stone in the niche and press the shutter release.

The aim is to fold the flaps with the animals so that the numbers become visible. The color of the number indicates in which field on the game board the number should be entered. You need four numbers of different colors to solve the seventh problem.

Real accuracy is proven by those who shoot their numbers themselves and choose the difficult shooting range.

For parents: The shooting range works like a slingshot with a very limited field of fire.
Support your children with loading the slingshot and, if necessary, with aiming. Do not attempt to tamper with or repair the device. In the event of malfunctions, please inform Almgasthof Baumschlagerberg or the tourist office!

© Marksmanship on the Poacher Trail | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Daniel Hinterramskogler
Game in the forest to test accuracy on the Pyhrn-Priel poaching trail.

8. Aim / Wall of Fame

Leave your mark ...

Our Wall of Fame is at the end of the path. Everyone who has mastered the poaching trail can leave their mark here.

It is up to you whether you carve your monogram into the wood or simply draw on it with a pen.

Game plan users: You will find the last code on the wall.

Now transfer the numbers to the back of the folder and decipher the password. Present the folder with the password at the Dorfstüberl Vorderstoder (Tuesday-Saturday and public holidays 10 am-10pm, Sunday 10 am-2pm), at the community of Vorderstoder or in a tourist office in the region and you will receive a great price.

© Aim at the poacher's path | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Daniel Hinterramskogler
A child in front of an information column on the Pyhrn-Priel Poacher Trail.