© Pyhrn-Priel poaching trail | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / D. Pernkopf
© Pyhrn-Priel poaching trail | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / D. Pernkopf
View of a wall with landscape in Pyhrn-Priel.

Prince of Schwarzenberg

A highly respected poacher named Franz Breitenbaumer was referred to in Pyhrn-Priel as "Prince of Schwarzenberg". The little farmer was called "den Annerl" after his house name.

It was a noble gentleman who even had something aristocratic about him. Since he liked to poach on the Schwarzenberg near Spital am Pyhrn, he was addressed as "Prince Schwarzenberg" because of his noble nature.


The following incident tells how he got his title of nobility: On a summer's day, he went to the master hairdresser Peter Hödl in Windischgarsten to get his hair cut. The master hairdresser greeted him: "My admiration, Prince Schwarzenberg!" The summer guests who were sitting there and waiting for their hairstyle, who did not know the game shooter, looked at the "Prince" in astonishment and full of awe. When the master asked him: “What do the prince want to drink?” Our friend answered: “What is the name of the drink? I think the common people say must about it. "*

His jokes in the inn and elsewhere, in which he referred to himself as "Prince of Schwarzenberg", quickly got around. He often and happily told us that he had shot a deer here and there near Gleinkersee.

* From the book "Poacher - Rebellen der Berge" by Univ. Prof. Dr. Roland Girtler

© Franz Breitenbaumer | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Archive
Old picture by Franz Breitenbaumer alias "Fürst Schwarzenberg".
© Poacher Prince Schwarzenberg | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Archive
A historical picture of the poaching prince Schwarzenberg with a hunted wild animal.

Franz Breitenbaumer "Prince Schwarzenberg".