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AUDI FIS Ski Weltcup Hinterstoder 2020

2nd World Cup in Hinterstoder (1990)

08./09.01.1990 Women's Power for the first time in Stodertal

The sports chief of the Upper Austrian news Hubert Potyka aptly formulated, "The only breakdown in the two-day World Cup festival in Hinterstoder. The organizer left the press kits. Instead of 70 reporters and photographers, who usually report from the ladies, almost twice as many came. Now the FIS knows that the snow- (cannon-) safe Hinterstoder is anything but a World Cup golfer. Hinterstoder has thus become a fixture ".

Originally, the ski club was awarded the contract to perform a World Cup slalom on 9 January 1990. However, the bad snow conditions throughout Europe made it necessary to postpone many races in Europe. So a race was taken over by Piancavallo, which gave it in 1990, the first double event in Hinterstoder. The two races attracted around 8,500 ski fans to the thrilling decisions with the first Austrian race win in Hinterstoder by Petra Kronberger on the first day. The slalom was secured by the Swiss ski king Vreni Schneider.
It should also be mentioned that, after 1986, the ski club Molln and its officials once again actively supported the skiing club Hinterstoder.

Result giant slalom from 08.01.1990
1. Petra KRONBERGER AUT 2:21:44
2. Anita WACHTER AUT 2:21:95
3. Michaela GERG-LEITNER GER 2:22:94

Result slalom ladies from 09.01.1990
1. Vreni SCHNEIDER SUI 1:35:27
2. Anita WACHTER AUT 1:36:08
3. Christine VON GRÜNIGEN SUI 1:36:88