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AUDI FIS Ski Weltcup Hinterstoder 2020

7th World Cup in Hinterstoder (2006)

20./21.12.2006 Rescue at the last second

It was truly a last-minute rescue, which occurred in the days around December 21 and 22, 2006 in Hinterstoder. Actually, everything was planned and geared for the super ski manifest on the new Hannes Trinkl World Cup course. For the first time, the stars of the Skiwelt should drive directly in Hinterstoder on the new, spectacular racetrack for World Cup points. It came, however, differently. Too little snow in the valley and thus the decision Plan B, a completely new racing concept on the Höss in target areas on the Hutterer floors to implement.

800 tonnes of material had to be relocated to the Hutterer soils and demanded once again a show of strength of all helpers.

Nevertheless, or just because of that, the two World Cup races in December 2006, a sporting fireworks and an audience show were unparalleled. 15,000 visitors came on the two days of the race (Wednesdays and Thursdays) to see US boy Bode Miller in the Super-G and Aksel Lund Svindal from Norway win in the giant slalom.

The biggest winner in 2006 was surely Hinterstoder and his organization team, because with the laying on the mountain it was proved that snow reliability and feasibility of races is guaranteed even in absolute snow poverty Hinterstoder for the orientation in such emergency situations.

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Result Super-G of the men from 20.12.2006
1. Bode MILLER USA 1:09:76
2. Peter FILL ITA 1:10:55
3. Hermann MAIER AUT 1:10:70

Giant slalom result of the men of 21.12.2006
1. Aksel Lund SVINDAL NOR 2: 25.63
2. Francois BOURQUE CAN 2: 25.89
3. Kalle PALANDER FIN 2: 26.03
5. Benjamin RAICH AUT 2: 26.20