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AUDI FIS Ski Weltcup Hinterstoder 2020

3rd World Cup in Hinterstoder (1992)

14./15.01.1992 Sensational Kiwi triumph

The tourist bosses rubbed their hands together. After Armin Bittner brought the ski region to everyone in 1986, the women's World Cup races were even better. The then 20-year-old ski exotic Annelise Coberger won for the first time completely sensational a World Cup race for New Zealand. 11,000 fans on both days of the race experienced women's racing at the highest level. However, the Frenchwoman Carole Merle won the giant slalom on the second race day with an incredible 2.72 seconds advantage. Too fast, the French superstar was also traveling by car. Accordingly, the fast lady had to cede 500 shillings to the police due to a speeding in the area of ​​Hinterstoder. Remarkably low in comparison to the won prize money of 70,000 shillings.

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Result slalom of ladies from 14.01.1992
1. Annelise COBERGER NZL 1:44:59
2. Vreni SCHNEIDER SUI 1:44:71
3. Julie PARISIEN USA 1:44:90
4. Petra KRONBERGER AUT 1:45:39

Result Giant Slalom Ladies from 15.01.1992
1. Carole MERLE FRA 2:34:00
2. Deborah CONPAGNONI ITA 2:36:72
3. Vreni SCHNEIDER SUI 2:37:44
6. Ulrike MAIER AUT 2:38:08