Sustainable pearl on the sunny side of the Alps in Upper Austria

In the valley you have the opportunity to use all public transport free of charge with the Pyhrn-Priel ActiveCard. Further reduced fees apply to our hiker’s taxis, taking you to the starting point or collecting you from the finishing point of any hike. Further "soft" means of locomotion are free bike rentals available in selected hotels, a ride on a horse carriage (in winter on a sleigh) or the use of an environment friendly vehicle operated by alternative energy.

Pearl of the Alps (Alpine Pearls) - Hinterstoder

Villages of the Alps with intact nature and spectacular alpine panorama have joined together under the brand name „Alpine Pearls“. Hinterstoder is a worthwile member of this brand.

Together with 27 villages – spread all over the Alps of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy -Hinterstoder is a member of the marketing group "Pearls of the Alps - Alpine Pearls".

Pearl of the Alps Hinterstoder - Soft Mobility

The excellent connection of the village to the public transport system both in summer and winter have madeHinterstoder a true pearl of the Alps. The luggage service offered by our rail company, delivers your suitcases to your chosen accommodation destination. Should you have booked a room off the beaten track, your host will pick you up free of charge from the bus station. Our service ensures a carefree and environment friendly arrival.

Alpine pearls