© [Translate to Englisch:] Landinger Sommer Hinterstoder - Foto: Roland Gruber
[Translate to Englisch:] Landinger Sommer Hinterstoder - Foto: Roland Gruber

Landinger summer

Creative artists enjoy summer in Hinterstoder

Enjoy the summer in the mountains, meet interesting people and a smart working space in the Hösshalle, these are the three ingredients for the Landinger summer in Hinterstoder.

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Creatives from different industries and age groups wish for a new summer holiday. They want to spend some time together with other interesting people in an inspiring place to clear their minds, to exchange ideas, to experience the place together and to look to the future.

This inspiring place has been Hinterstoder since the summer of 2012. Here, the enthusiastic participants have access to a dreamlike landscape backdrop and a wide range of leisure activities, as well as a space for ideas - the magnificent Hösshalle. Here they work, present something, collect ideas on projects, develop new projects, just listen or discuss. If you do not want all this, relax alone or with your family or make an appointment, for example with people, for a hike.

After a few days or a week, the participants will return home relaxed and with new ideas, new projects and new friends.

Meanwhile, the Landinger summer has become a fixture in Hinterstoder summer.