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Stodertaler Specialties

Stodertaler Schmankerl bring domestic products from Pyhrn-Priel to the table.

The "Stodertaler Schmankerl" is available directly from the participating companies. All products under this designation must originate mainly from the Pyhrn-Priel region, the Krems- or Steyrtal, or the Kalkalpen National Park. The delicacies are advertised in the participating companies by means of a logo plaque, on-board signs, stickers, notes on food and drink cards.

The increased desire of the guests to know about the origin of the food is thus taken into account. In addition, there are opportunities to support and promote ecologically and economically sustainable regional agriculture and regional production companies.

Regional products can be:

Dairy products | Cheese | Meat (also lamb, fawn) | Poultry | Fish | Wild sausage | Smoked | The Bread | Pastry | Pasta products | Fruits | Vegetables | Herbs | Mushrooms | Flour | desserts | Eggs | Honey | Berries | Jams | Fruit juices | Brandy | Liqueurs | Most etc.