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Helmut Wallner

Alpine holidays without car stress

Alpine Pearls: Gentle Mobility in Hinterstoder

"Our critics say that sustainability does not help our tourism. But what is the alternative? - Whistle to the environment, as in most other resorts in the world? "

Helmut Wallner, mayor of Hinterstoder, puts it in a nutshell, if one asks him for the reasons why Hinterstoder is committed to environmental protection and sustainability in tourism. "Sustainability is basically a matter of attitude and attitude to life."

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Eco-mobility is a matter of attitude

Of course, a lot of factors play a role. Some can be found on a global scale, such as the threat of climate change, peak oil and the associated increase in the cost of energy or the question of equity in the distribution of resources. Some factors can be found here in the village.

We see no objection to the fact that we want to restrict the traffic in terms of a higher quality of life and leisure, that we promote all forms of environmentally friendly mobility and that we want to establish a culture of "deceleration" with us and our guests.

Deceleration brings quality of life

An old Asian proverb says, "Whoever rushes never arrives." How appropriate, if one takes a critical look at the over-hasty leisure behavior of our day.

Gentle mobility is sexy

We in Hinterstoder have agreed that we do not point the way to mobility of the future with dictates and prohibitions, but through an attractive range of mobility in a sophisticated transport system. Because we are convinced that the car loses its attractiveness on vacation when it is more fun without a car.

Who likes to drive himself, if you can enjoy the view of the wonderful landscape of the Stodertal with the valley bus while driving. Who likes to drive himself, if you can drink the one or other mulled wine while sledding with the toboggan taxi. Who likes to drive by car, if you can explore the whole region with the e-bike "up close".

We have this picture in mind when we speak of "Alpine holidays without car stress".