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Kalkalpen National Park

What is a forest sea and a water castle? How can a mountain be a called “sharp wall” and a gorge “bird song”? Questions you will want to explore in and around the area of the Kalkalpen National Park….

The Kalkalpen National Park features the largest forest region in Central Europe and the largest karst well in the country, called Pießling Ursprung in Roßleithen, a true paradise for nature lovers. A colourful mosaic consisting of pristine forests, promising viewpoints from mountain tops, hidden gorges and untouched mountain streams. If you want to get away from the hectic and noise of the city and are on the look for unique fauna and flora, then come to the Kalkalpen National Park for some exploring adventure. There are guided tours all year round – listen to the courtship of the black grouse and admire the blossoming of the orchids during spring, observe chamoix in alpine meadow and cave tours in summer or be enchanted by the autumn colours during the time of the deer mating season.

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TIP: Enjoy a breathtaking circular view to the alpine panorama of the region from the transparent panorama tower at the visitors centre of the Wurbauerkogel in Windischgarsten. The tower is 21m high and opens views to 21 mountain peaks with over 2000m of altitude: view the mountain ranges of the Totes Gebirge, Sengsengebirge and the Haller Mauern. The exhibition “Fascination Rock” presents you with extraordinary details from the animal and plant kingdom above the forest line, while the panorama desks explain the various mountain tops.

Deals of the Kalkalpen National Park

Rosenau am Hengstpaß

National Park Panorama Tower Wurbauerkogel

The national park visitors centre at the Wurbauerkogel impresses with ist unique panorama tower and the exhibition „Fascination Rock“ is ...

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Rosenau am Hengstpaß

Hengstpaßhütte - visitors information of the Kalkalpen National Park

The Limestone Alps National Park visitor center Hengstpaßhütte is a service center for hikers, bikers and nature lovers! According to old ...

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Ennstal National Park Visitors' Centre

Located at the entrance to the peaceful Hintergebirge it is an ideal setting-off point for all excursions into the Kalkalpen National Park. ...

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Kalkalpen National Park unlimited - Ranger tours

Kalkalpen National Park protects the biggest forest wilderness in the heart of Austria. Where nature is allowed to be nature again. As ...

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National Park Centre Molln

The National Park Centre Molln is a service center for visitors. Get information about the National Park Limestone Alps, guided tours, hiking ...

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