1923 - Shooting on the Mayralm between hunters, gendarmes and poachers

A clash between hunters and poachers took place on the Mayralm on October 29, 1923 at around 6 p.m. in the late afternoon, with the 33-year-old hunter Vinzenz Hobel and the poacher Johann Farnberger aka Sperl Hans being shot.

The date is October 29, 1923. The hunter Vinzenz Hobel is doing protection duty on the Mayralm in the Sengsengebirge. Everything seems calm. Suddenly a shot cracks. Planes can spot a group of poachers stalking near the Mayralm. “They mustn't get away with it so easily!” He immediately goes into the valley to get reinforcements. And then climbs back up to the Mayralm together with eight hunters and gendarmes.

What then happens on the Mayralm has serious consequences. An old conflict between poachers, hunters and gendarmes is escalating. Again and again shots tear the silence of the night.

Then: the next morning. The collision on the Mayralm claimed two lives. Who was involved? Who shot? What really happened here, almost 100 years ago, on the Mayralm?

Question after question. Part of the story will remain unresolved forever. As for the other part, it's up to you now.

Embark on an exciting journey through time to the Mayralm crime scene. Let the characters from back then come to life. And think through the puzzling events of autumn 1923.

© Johann Farnberger Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Archive
Johann Farnberger's part called "Sperl Hans".

Johann Farnberger's part called "Sperl Hans".


© Mayralm | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Archive
The Mayralm at the time of the poaching events
The Mayralm at the time of the action
© Hunter's Cross | Photo: TVB Pyhrn-Priel / Archive
The so-called "Jägerkreuz" reminds of the Hunter Vinzenz Hobel

The so-called "hunter's cross" is reminiscent of the hunter Vinzenz Hobel


Vz. Planer
Hunter through

Wild. Publ
i.J. 1923
D. 28. Ok.

The poem explains the circumstances of his death:

“The noble hunter's passion

drove me to the top of the mountain,

to my dear community

so free, so proud, so beautiful.

The day is drawing to a close, I am returning

and found the way blocked.

Shot poor protect me

the world is wrong.

Look, man is man,

why was I shot dead

Gun violence was used

only at the time of the war.

There is still a just judge

the Lord God already knows

the good outweighs the bad,

Heaven will be my reward.